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DirecTV HD in Eugene Oregon Questions

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I've been with DISH for many years, but I'm getting tired of their continuous wars with providers, most recently AMC. Are there any reception issues in the Pacific NW I should be aware of before I make the switch to Direct? When DISH set me up with HD some years back, they had to come out and install a second DISH in order that I receive HD channels and I want a seamless installation this time.
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You can get all of your channels from one dish and you're in luck, as DIRECTV recently turned on Eugene HD locals!

As far as reception is concerned, I live 3 hours north of you and have no issue with reception as long as there's no wet sticky snow covering my dish.
Thanks. Yes, the inclusion of Eugene HD locals was a deal-maker for me and I was happy to see that their timing co-incided with my search for a new provider. The free NFL package didn't hurt either:)
Reception should not be an issue. In the year and a half I have lived here, I have not had one second of rain fade. I did have about 30 seconds of Snow fade when we had that foot of snow here in March, but that was freakish and still only lasted less than a minute. As long as you have line of sight to 99 - 119, you should be fine. Since you are coming from Dish, LOS should not be an issue for you.

HD Locals are here now and look great. Only missing CW and MyNetwork, but since they are sub-channels, no one has them in HD.

The only thing we are missing is Comcast Sports Northwest, but I don't think Dish had that either. Now that the Ducks are on the Pac12 channel (which is possibly coming, no one knows yet) the only thing you will miss is Trailblazers games.

My advice to all new DirecTV uers is get every receiver in HD and get as many DVR's as they will give you and you can afford. It is easiest and cheapest to get them as a new customer. I have 4 DVR's in the house and don't worry about recording spaced or available tuners. All are in HD, even though one of the TV's is SD.

Welcome to DirecTV. Hopefully we have another beautiful summer and you don't have a lot of time to watch TV! At least until the rain returns in October and we are forced back inside. . .
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