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Directv Install problem

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Hello all,

I wanted to ask for opinions on an issue I had this weekend w/ Directv. I was supposed to have an HD dish installed on Saturday. I already had standard Directv service, and I bought an H20 receiver a few weeks ago. The contractor arrived late on saturday, dismantled my old dish, began to setup the new dish, and then told me he had to meet another isntaller to get a different LNB, and would be back in 15 minutes. He never returned and I will be out of service until Tuesday. I have called Directv, the contractor, and the contractor's supervisor and could get no one to come out this weekend. So far, Directv has offered me $100 credit on my service. I want to call and see if I can get more for my trouble. Anyone have any suggestions on what I could ask for beyond the $100? Thanks and happy new year!
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That is totally unacceptable. I just don't understand why D* continues to allow installs to turn out this way.
You my friend deserve more than a 100.00 credit. I honestly don't know how to quantify anything more, but 100.00 just doesn't cut it IMO.
Just be calm and polite, from what I've seen most of time D* does try to atone for these type of things.

Good Luck.
That is totally unacceptable. I just don't understand why D* continues to allow installs to turn out this way.
The million dollar question.. hmmmm.
And just in general IS *tactless* in any biz little lone the largest provider.
DNS doenst go through this mess like this either But w/ D* its all day every day in every DMA.
So i guess, Thank your NO BID contract holding crooks and their No Paying undermanned quota driven and illegally fined "new aged/untrained puppies"!

Merely just Pittiful! (op post)

You guys ought to see these pics from the last abandoned AT-9 (3 men and 2 trucks and still not a d*** picture... but plenty of destruction and wires running across the driveway on the ground and the rich folks coulnt even get in there own Basement door due to wires all over the place) This was at a prominant million dollar local Biz home none the less.( took 7 hrs to fix it right)
BTW ANOTHER law suit came from that one (lol) as a fact! That i know and guarantee! One of the worse displays ive scene to date in 12 yrs as a fact.
After what these people had been through they acted like i was an Angel or something for just doing my job. I thought the pregnant wife would never let go of me (hugs) and then the husband laid a 50$ bill in my shoe to boot before i left.

Funny thing is .. well you get what you pay for and like i said 45$ sure is heck aint the value to get a "professional install". (lmao)

The good thing for me is when i get these things (jobs) after going behind these puppies around here, i seem to always get tips and hugs for just doing what is supposed to be done the first time if the people even show up to start with. Fridays was another 30$ tip and all i did was come when i said i was after these folks looked out he window for days and No one ever calls or shows period.

Again, Just freekin pittiful!
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Well, I certainly don't have all the answers.

Free is not always free. Seems they should just bite the bullet and pay more to the installers up front. It would look like they are paying more in the long run w/ some of these shabby installs. Not to mention the frustration to the customer and the potential of detroying a customer relationship. Credits doesn't always fix or make the problem go away. Oh well...All of this has been said before i guess.
I hear these same stories on and off all over my area of New England. I will say that before I got D*, I had Charter Communications Cable and their installers were competent, but terribly late and could never solve the video quality problems at my house. They made quite a mess by drilling new holes in my hardwood newly refinished floors and uncaulked holes in my siding, before deciding that even with new cables there was no way to get a clean signal to my 3 TVs. That's originally why i went with D* and honestly why I won't invite any contractors back to my house anymore. -- Just sharing...
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