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Recently started working at a hotel. It seems that their MCS server hasn't communicated with their receivers since April 2016. I'm not sure why. The 3rd party IT company hasn't really been much help as they either don't know what the issue is or just don't want to troubleshoot it.

So I don't really know where begin. In total there are 158 receivers. 5 swm32s, and 21 home adapters. The MCS server is running on Ubuntu 12.04 lts and is version 3.17. Swm32 are routed to hd25-100 receivers and to Directv Home Adapters.

The home adapters are connected to an Alcatel-Lucent OS6250-24 (ports 1-12) port 14 is connected to an Alcatel-Lucent 6450-24 in port 2. Port 1 of the 6450 goes to the MCS server and Port 3 is connected to a router that leads to an Internet switch.

Additional Information: Not sure on usefulness. In Ubuntu, as is, if I run ifconfig I get eth0:avahi having an ip4 address and eth0 as only an ip6 one. If I connect the MCS Ethernet port to the Internet port it does get rid of the eth0:avahi and gives eth0 an ip4 address.

My expertise in this area is limited but I am trying to if giving help please bear with me. Thank you. Any wiring diagrams for this type of setup would be awesome as well.
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