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Seeing some google news that D* is in a channel dispute again with some local stations could see the chopping block on the 1st...anyone else??

Fox 6 in Milwaukee
CBS in Virginia WTVR
WQAD an all news station in Iowa & Illinois
Fox 13 Salt Lake Utah
KFSM Arizona CBS
FOX 4 Kansas City
WNEP All News Station Scranton Wilkes Barre
FOX 31 Denver
FOX 8 Cleveland
FOX 8 Greensboro,NC
All NEWS Huntsville Alabama WHNT

so far this is all I found on the google news search using Directv dispute as a search:nono2::nono2:

any other channels in the mix..add them to the thread..

anyone knows who the re-transmitter is for these guys?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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