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DirecTV newbie needs MAJOR help!

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I'm looking to get DirecTV setup. I have a few questions that no one seems to be able to help give straight answers to:

I am going to have a 3 room/receiver setup.

1. Since I'm going to have 3 receivers...do I need a "different, non-standard" type of satellite? Which type of satellite is the one that comes with all of the free promotions out there?

2. Does each room have to be connected to a phone line if I don't plan on watching any pay per view items? If so...do the wireless RCA jacks work?

3. If I buy the promo that Circuit City is currently running (2 rooms + standard install for $34 after rebate)...can I add on an additional room and just pay for the extra receiver? Will that satellite work with a 3 room setup?

4. Will the installer just charge me extra for the 3rd room? How much is this usually? Will they just use a splitter for the 3rd room? Are these ok?

Thanks so much!!!
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1 - Depends - if you want / need to see 119/110 as well as the standard 101, then you should get the oval 18x24 inch dish.

2 - Technically, yes. If you have D* shutoff PPV, maybe not. I've heard that eh wireless phone jacks will work for this application.

3 - You're going to need a bit more -

4. Splitters DO NOT work with most DBS installations. What you need are called MULTISWITCHES. For a standard, 18inch round dish, you would take both outputs from the Dual LNB and put them into the 2 (input) side of the switch. Then ALL tuners would plug into the output side of the switch (the 4 or 8 side). If you have an oval dish, both inputs form all LNBs would go into the input side of the 4x? switch, and again, all tuners go on the output side of the switch.. Count on this (3rd room) being extra cost.
Thanks for your reply, scooper!

A couple of questions:

*What is 119/110? I'm not planning on any HDTV.
*When you say I'll need a bit more...do you just mean the multiswitch?
Multiswitch, extra labor/ material costs for 3rd room..

One reason you might want 119 (besides HDTV) could be if your Local stations were going to be put on 119 and you wanted to get them via DBS.
If his locals go up on 119, won't Direct upgrade him to the oval dish for free?

Also if you don't need 3 different programs on at once, the receivers have more than 1 output. You could hook 2 TVs up to 1 receiver if that works for you. But the same program would be on both TVs. If that's not what you want "never mind".
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