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Directv on the go

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I will be spending Thanksgiving weekend up at Cooks Forest in NW Pa. Im from the Harrisburg market. I want to take my SD receiver with me and an 18" round dish i have had. My question is this.... Obviously I want to watch football but will I be able to pick up my Harrisburg local stations on my card that far away from Harrisburg. Cooks Forest is a little west and north of State College Pa.
I am pretty sure we get our local SD channels off the 101 spot but I dont know if they are spot beamed to the Harrisburg viewing area. If not spot beamed, not problem, if they are...would the spot leave a big enough footprint over the state of Pa for me to pick up my locals? If not, i would not be able to pick up the major networks.... Can anyone help me?
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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