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Hi all --

I'm curious about setup options for the following system.

2 directv with Tivo systems.
1 additional receiver

I want each tivo to have 2 connections.

This plus the single receiver equals 5
cable runs.

The directv plus dishes have a 4x4 multiswitch, but I need 5 outputs that each allow switching between the two satellites.

How can I accomplish this??



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Hi JT, Welcome to DBSTalk. :hi:
Wow...thats quit a hookup your going to have. :)
Your going to need a dual LNB for both 101 and 119
a matrix swith, which is for the multiple LNB's
a multiswitch which is for multiple receivers
You will have 4 cables between the dish
with the twin dual LNBs and the switches.

Here are some multiswitches you can take a look at, even some diagrams as well.


Here are a couple of different sites with wiring diagrams I find useful.

wiring diagram1
wiring diagram2

Please, feel free to register and stop back. :)

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I learned something by looking at those diagrams. I didn't know you could do DISH and DTV off the same 18 x 24 dish.

I did have a problem with at least of the diagrams. It had 8 diplexers, 1 multiswitch and an antenna.

The antenna should have gone into the multiswitch and then into diplexers.

Anyway, I decided my I need remedial technical writing so here is a picture that explains it pretty well.


One exception, you'll need two diplexers for each TIVO model unless there somebody has seen a better option that I am unaware of.
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