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Welcome to the DIRECTV Programming forum! It's our pleasure to open up discussion on any topic related to DIRECTV programming that you have, or DIRECTV programming that you want. However, we have some rules:

All rules and guidelines of the entire forum apply here. If you have not read the forum rules, please read them here.

If you want to discuss a channel not yet on DIRECTV in SD nor HD, please look for an existing thread about that channel. One, and only one, anticipation thread per channel will be allowed. This keeps the conversation focused.

In the one anticipation thread per channel, please keep to topic. Feel free to start new threads for other topics but let's keep the anticipation threads clean.

If you want to discuss a sports channel, please make a distinction between the channel and the content. We have a Sports Programming forum; that's the right place to discuss your team and how they're doing. Please keep the talk in the DIRECTV Programming forum about the channel only.

If you want to discuss temporary event like a free preview, keep in mind your thread will be closed after the preview ends regardless of whether or not it has evolved into another topic.

Petitions, calls to action, and links to external sites that act like petitions or class actions are not allowed anywhere on DBSTalk.com.

A general anticipation thread is also provided for conversations that don't fit anywhere else. Some off-topic discussion is expected in this thread, but rudeness is never appropriate. Discussion of HD channels already carried in SD by DIRECTV belongs in the general HD anticipation thread. As necessary, the staff may open up threads for specific SD to HD transitions.

Above all: please respect forum rules and respect other posters. A certain amount of healthy pride in your choice of channel is expected but don't argue with others about their choices. Rudeness will absolutely not be tolerated, and rude posts will be quickly deleted. Please use the Report Post button
if you feel that someone is being rude to you.
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