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DirecTV Remote and XBox 360

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I've been able to program the remote to do some basic functions on the XBox 360, but I really need the remote to translate its color buttons to the buttons on an XBox controller. Has anyone found a code that works for this?
The code I used was under DVR/Microsoft.
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Edmund said:
You have choice of codes 21708 Or 21972, what is mapped via these codes can not be changed.
I understand that...didn't know if there was another unlisted code like I found for my Vizio TV. Anyway, it doesn't matter...I was able to get the Harmony remote for XBox which will control the HR2x for $49. Sometimes, it's just easier to buy a hammer rather than trying to use a wrench to pound in a nail. :)
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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