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DirecTV sending my roughly 10 "Confirmation" EMails?

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I am being sent a new HDMI cord due to my screen going pink every other day.

So, they ordered it for me last night and I have now gotten 10 different "Confirmation" emails starting at 6am and last until basically an hour ago.

They are random times as well...like 6:06am....8:13am...8:45am....10:12am....11:48am....2:13pm....2:46pm.....etc...

I called and asked them and they said there was just 1 order but that they couldnt fix it due to it being a "DirecTV computer glitch"

I mean....is there really nothing that can be done?

It is nothing I cant just deal with but I am surprised that I was told that there was nothing that could be done.
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When I was signed up for their email updates, I would get between 6-10 of the same email each time. I called and they couldn't explain it.
You could get something like this if your email server was flakey
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