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DirecTV still offering free receiver?

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I still have a TiVo HD DVR. DirecTV offered me one of the MPEG 4 new ones a few months ago, but I didn't want to hassle with it then cause I have one of those too.

They offered me this cause I have Los Angeles DNS HD service.

However, now I'd like to get all updated.

Anyone know if they'd still give me this, or am I too late?

Also did they make an installer come, or just allow you to swap it out?
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Yes, you need to call and say "free upgrade swap".

Here is more information on it....http://www.dbstalk.com/showthread.php?t=131774
my experience says----do the upgrade, but don't get rid of the tivo until you absolutely have to. again, my experience says the directv hd-dvr model/s have a long way to go to surpass the tivo hd-dvr. not that it doesn't have a couple positives over the tivo, but nowhere near enough.
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