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"DIRECTV...also hinted that cable would be an option for DISH subs looking to jump ship."

With EchoStar's slimming chances of getting congressional assistance for its Dec. 1 distant network shutdown, rival DIRECTV is trying to make the company's misfortune into a subscriber-poaching opportunity. In what some are calling a pre-emptive strike, is reaching out to DISH Network subs that will be affected by the blackout by offering an alternative for satellite TV, a free upgrade package and even cold hard cash.

Earlier this week, DIRECTV issued a statement reminding customers and the press that DISH had been found guilty of violating federal law and was ordered to cease broadcasting its distant nets. The solution, DIRECTV said, is to switch satellite providers and receive a free DVR upgrade, no start-up costs, next-day installation and $150.

The DIRECTV-issued statement listed five things that every consumer should know about DISH's injunction saying that "very few customers will actually be affected" and that those who are "won't be overly inconvenienced (and) will have more than once choice of (television) provider." Not only is DIRECTV offering the sweetened deal to any subscriber making the switch, the country's largest satellite provider also hinted that local cable companies would be an option for DISH subs looking to jump ship.

"This situation is a direct result of EchoStar's own doing," DIRECTV said. "But the fact is that this was created because EchoStar has been violating the law for years." According to DIRECTV, the U.S. Court of Appeals said it had found "no indication that EchoStar was ever interested in complying" with the law.

After Tuesday's election and the Democrats winning control of both the House and Senate, industry analysts believe EchoStar's chances that Congress will intervene have taken a back seat. Attempts to reach EchoStar for comment remained unanswered as of press time today.

www.SkyReport.com - used with permission
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