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DIRECTV: Where's My HD PPV? (on TVPredictions.com)

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Hi Gang,
I recently did another article at TVPredictions.com, wanted to put it up here in a larger than posted there format.
HD PPV's Where are they? By Mitchell Davis

As a person who likes watching in HD are you among the frustrated? I am a Directv subscriber and they have been airing the same movies for about two plus months. They aren't the most interesting movies. Chances are that movies like Ask The Dust, She's The Man and Failure To Launch just don't jump out and scream to be watched.

Directv doesn't even air HD PPV regularly, just on early hours on Tuesdays or Wedsnesday, so if you will need to plan ahead. You will have no luck on a Friday night ordering a new release movie and watching it right then. After some research, it seems that while Directv leaves much to be desired, their problems are hardly unique. Cable and Satellite providers have been largely unable to license new HD releases for PPV.

While Blu-Ray and HD DVD are excellent, it's a bit unlikely that each and every movie you would watch is worth spending $30-$40 dollars on. It's unfortunate, but there really are not many ppv options. I wonder, what's going on? I mean, word is that PS3 and XBox 360 are going to offer up PPV HD movies very soon.

What does this mean? Is Sony really holding back movies from cable/sat to be able to serve them up to PS3 owners? Are the movie studios holding back to drive people to early adoption of Blu-Ray/HD DVD's?

The answers just aren't here right now, like the rest of HDTV it seems that many things will unfortunately have to wait.
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