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jmm4600 said:
I have been getting lots of mail and phone calls regarding upgrading my 6000 to a VIP series.

Question is will E* require me to subscribe again to a two year commitment? Don't really want to commit to another two years with the economy the way it is and the 6000 is on a spare TV.
Already have a 211 on my main TV but another one would be nice for the spare TV.
Although legally it should as they are stopping service for the older IRD models (they can only keep their portion of the contract currently in place with you if they provide a receiver capable of picking up their lineup if they outdate their older models); you'll probably find out that is exactly what they will infact do. Extending the contract is actually inappropriate in this circumstance and I would have them give oyu something in writing (email or hard copy) that states this will not extend your contract in any manner.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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