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Discovery at the Movies

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One of cable's top destinations for nonscripted fare, Discovery Channel, is getting into the movie business.

New Discovery Networks U.S. president Billy Campbell, who oversees the company's 11 American channels, said Discovery Channel will start producing made-for-TV movies, likely three each per year, for Discovery and co-owned Animal Planet.

There aren't any scripts in development yet, but Campbell's connections to the creative world run deep. Before joining Discovery in June, he was president of Miramax Television, and he has held high posts at CBS Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television, where he helped to develop ER.

Animal Planet is already experimenting with fiction shows, including a handful of original movies and its first sitcom, Beware of Dog, which debuts next month.

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It never fails....I swear that the management of every niche channel out there asks themselves the question: "How can we alienate our current audience while at the same time become another re-run channel"

See ya
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