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Absolutley brilliant episode last night on The Discovery Channel
even if it did catch some real flak from hardcore fans of the show.
If anyone with an appreciation for building something downright
incredible in just 5 days time wants to catch this, I believe
Discovery is re-airing this one one more time this Saturday at 7pm
EST. It's a bit like Junkyard Wars on TLC only it involves highly
skilled car mechanics turning suv's into garbage trucks or sports
cars into giant lawn mowers (whatever challenge is presented to
the team essentially) with limited funds and the standard resident
expert on hand to make recommendations and give proper

Excellent facts were randomly tossed in on the original pre-zamboni
ice surfacing methods and a zamboni tour all through Canada awhile
back - overall a great 60 minutes worth of quality TV. Highly
recommend this to anyone who likes hockey or even just enjoys
seeing people work together under tight deadlines to make
something truly magical come to life with some nice personalized
touches. Jesse James who was the premier head builder/customizer
always likes to implement a German symbol on his cars and this
time around it looked to be a small side mirror type addition for
his trademark finishing touch.

I believe it was D Mathieu Schneider from the LA Kings who showed
up to try and knock a penguin out of the cars drivers side window
from 20-25 feet back or so and presented the team with a Kings
Jersey before the competition took place against a real Zamboni.

Worth watching in my opinion by all means.

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I laughed pretty hard at one of the mechanics seated in the front seat who had to bail out the window of the car to avoid being buried alive from all the ice shavings filling up inside the vehicle. Jesse James is really something else - perfect name and perfectly cool person to be involved in all the projects he does. There was some discussion and controversy over whether it was a true '96 SS or a different model year/police version etc... but all in all that was the best episode I've seen yet. It was a shame how so many fans at The Staples Center booed his team to no end after all that hard work. I don't think Discovery aired that part of it though thankfully. Paint job was absolutely mint-I think they called it candy apple purple or "burple" for a black/purple combination and the motto of more is always better was hilarious when you watched the crew install the exhaust at hood level which shoots flames a foot up in the air!!!! Really an amazing project that they managed to turn out there.
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