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Discovery HD promo; can't keep my 5000 - why?

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I had read in some of the archives at dbstalk.com a discussion where the customer would get to keep their old 5000 when signing up for the Discovery HD promotion.

Two reps have told me that I would indeed send my 5000 back to them in the same box the 6000 comes in.

Did Charlie change his mind or are the reps wrong? If you read all the web pages on this offer, there is no mention of sending your 5000 back.

I have already recieved one DOA 6000 while trying this promotion.
It came with no manual, no remote, no cables, it looked like a remanufactured unit with the enhanced hd adapter stuffed in the same box. I thought that for $300 I might at least get a remote.
DISH's web pages would tend to leave you believing you are getting a complete 6000, less the dish antenna.

Input welcome,
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Hmm, origionally you did NOT need to send in the 5000, this may have changed.

It would be "worth it" to let the customer keep the 5000 because then they can make another $5 a month off of it in receiver fees.

I don't think you should have to send it back, you paid for it, you would get more money for it selling it on Ebay. If they are making you send it back it should be an even exchange a 5000 for a 6000.
What they told me is you have to send back the HD module!

Since they are doing this promo, they certainly could send you a refurb, so you better check ahead... but to not give you a remote is no good!

I ended up having to buy a 6000 outright since I had a 5000 with no HD module.

Of course I DID buy the damn 5000 with the intent of someday using it for HD... of course the rarity of the module and the change in standards made that a wasted investment.

If I had known what I know now, I would have bought the 6000 on day one and saved me a few hundred $.
I am in the process of sending back a 5000 now on this same program. They are telling me I have to send it back. I don't have the HD module. Are they going to charge me full price for the 6000?
Talking to the people at dish seems worthless, I have left numerous messages with supervisors and have yet to receive a return call.
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