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dakn2 said:
2) When I ordered the upgrade I specifically asked if I had to trade in my existing 510 receiver (I had paid for it in a previous upgrade - it's not a lease) and was told no; suddenly yesterday UPS drops an empty receiver box off with nothing inside except a return label. Are they expecting me to return my "owned" 501 receiver? Do I have to return it? If so, is it possible to return another older receiver instead of my 510?
When they did my install, I was also upgrading from an owned 510 to the 622. They said they would credit my account $10 if I returned the 510 and said they would send a return box. The return box never came (even after 2 phone calls) which prompted me to look on e-bay to see what they were selling it for. I sold it on e-bay (it had no balances on it and I copied any left over dvr'd recordings via dvd recorder) for $145.

-$199 paid for 622
+$100 credit for HD first-timer
+$145 510 sold on ebay
+$46 Profit for moving up to HD!!!:D
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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