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Dish 1K.2 Antenna Questions

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I was looking out at my new Dish installation (which was installed by Dish), and I am pretty confused. I have 2 dual tuners in my house (a VIP 722 HD DVR and a 322 SD tuner). 4 TVs are being run in my house.

My antenna is reported by the units to be a 1K.2 Antenna (with 4 ports and 2 seperators on each unit).

I looked at the LNBF block on the antenna, and there are only two cables coming from the block. There are 4 connectors, and 2 are unused. However, my receivers say they are getting signals from the 110, 119, and 129 satellites.

I would have expected three cables going from the LNBF block (one each for Sat 110, 119, and 129.1) to a switch of some sort, but I don't see a switch of any kind. I see two separators that are three connector devices (2 Satellite connections and 1 TV connection) - and I think I know what those are now.

I downloaded a Dish 1000.2 Antenna Installation manual, and it shows that the 4 connectors on the LNBF block are "110", "119", "129", and "LNB In" - Pretty much what I would expect.

My questions are:

1) Is there some sort of hidden switch in my setup that I don't know about? (If so, where is it?)
2) Are the 4 connectors on the LNBF block on the antenna all combined already, so that each connection has all three satellite signals?

Things have changed since I last installed my old antenna years ago. I may want to add an additional receiver to my setup some day, and I'm trying to figure this thing out.

Thank you for your help!

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1. The switch is built into the lnb head, therefore there is no need for the wires you were looking for.
2.Yes they do, if you add another receiver to your account, you could run a coax from one of the outputs to the new receiver.
Also the "LNB IN" jack is used for another dish (IE: Dish 300 which can point to 61.5, 110, 119, 129, ect)
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