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I am having some problems with my Dish 6000 receiver. Every so often I see the message "Acquiring Satellite Signal". When I go to the menu to Check the Switch the receiver recognizes only 2 of the three satellites. And the two it recognizes is not consistent.
This happens even when the weather is good - Sunny and Bright. There are also no trees in the line of sight for the receiver.

I have had the same dish with the older 4802 receiver and never had any problems.

Dish Tech support had me diconnect the Sat. cable from the 6000 and run CHECK SWITCH to "reset" either the 6000 or SW21. He then had me reconcect the Sat. cable and run CHECK SWITCH again. It has not worked.

It has happened more than a few times. It happened when I was watching CBS-HD last nite.

Here is my setup:
Dish 500 - 110, 119
Second Dish - 61.5
SW64 Switch
Dish 6000.

Does any one have any suggestions?

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