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Dish 6000 and Screen Sizing

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I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this problem, but thought I'd start here. My Pioneer 503CMX plasma was being fed via Dish 508 STB (standard def) until I got their 6000 HD yesterday. While the 6000 is not yet hooked up to Dish (a different problem to be corrected next week), I had an OTA antenna also installed to receive the local channels and have the ability to receive HD from the networks.

Prior to the 6000, I was able to change the screen size on the PIO CMX directly. By this I mean I could move from Zoom to full to wide etc by hitting the display button on the PIO remote. Now with the 6000, I can't make any screen changes (the plasma remote is stuck on full) and can only adjust size from the 6000 by pushing the "star" button. That would be ok, I guees, but the scaling seems strange. I'll be watching a HD 16:9 network show (via the 6000 scaling) but when the commercials come on the screen reverts to 4:3. Stretch mode is way out of proportion, also.

Has anyone had this problem, and how can I override the 6000 to let the good ole PIO to give me the screen sizes I've come to love?
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I'm not familiar with your set, but some sets do not allow a zoom or stretch if you are receiving an HD signal. Try putting your 6000 in SD mode and see if your set will zoom then.

With the 6000 your screen should stay in the mode you've selected, it won't revert to 4:3 during a commercial. Keep in mind that even HD channels send out 4:3 commercials in a 16:9 window, so it appears that you are viewing 4:3 but you are really viewing 16:9.
This is quite normal for the 6000. I have Tosh WS HDTV and I can't use my tv's stretching modes while in HD mode. It's just something to do with the TV not being able to properly stretch the signal. I've gotten used to it now.
Many of the commercials are in 4:3 format.

You could probably use the zoom and stretch on your set before because you were recieving a standard definition program and the set was up converting it. When the set gets HDTV input it locks on 16:9. This is what my set does (mine is a sony). You could hook up the STD outputs and then the set would allow stretch again.

The 6000 will keep track of stretch for HDTV and STDTV. I stretch STDTV a lot of the time (unless it is letterboxed then I zoom it so that the black bars go away). On HDTV I do not use zoom or stretch. Some stuff like commercials are in 4:3, but I just ignore the black bars on the side for them.
My Mitsubishi won't allow resizing when in 1080i mode. If you wan't to resize, switch to SD or use the zoom function on the 6000.
Your TV probably won't allow "resizing" in HD mode, but the 6000 will. Every time you press the * key it will toggle from "Normal" to "Stretch" to "Partial Zoom" to "Full Zoom" to "Grey Bars" and back to "Normal." Just make sure you ARE in the "Normal" mode for real 1080i HD content. "Full Zoom" is good for upsizing a SD letter-boxed program.
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