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Dish 6000..Do I read this right?

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I'm getting ready to do the Dish plunge and have a question about the Dish 6000. In reading the manual, it looks like I will have to connect both the SVideo out and either the component (Y/Pr/Pb) or DB15 to my new Pioneer 503CMX plasma monitor in order to get both SD and HD reception. I don't want to route the video through my Denon 4802; instead want to route the video signal directly to the Pio to avoid any loss through a reciever.

But I'm running out of connections as the Pio has only five inputs (composite, 15 pin analog, 5-hole component, SVideo, and 24 pin DVI). I need to also hook in directly a Dish 721, Denon 3800 DVD, and an older VCR. I think the Dish 721 also takes two inputs (could be wrong here).

So, am I reading it correctly? Does the 6000 take up two slots on the monitor?

Thanks for any help you far more experienced DBS members can provide.

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You need the Component Video connection to view HDTV in 720p or 1080i formats though you can still watch HD programming via S-Vid though the resolution will be down graded and aspect ratio reduced. You can also watch standard DTV via component video and the receiver will up convert to 720p or 1080i, however up converted DTV looks pretty awfull and why most people choose to have both component video and S-Vid connections to the receiver for these reasons.
The short answer, no, you don't need to hook up your S-Video, most people just run the Component or VGA connection and view the SD upconverted. Try it both ways and see which way is best for you.
I find upconverting via component helps make the compression artifacts less noticable.
I have both the Svideo and the component hooked up because if you view regular tv through the component outputs you get a small box in the center of your screen (4:3 aspect on mine). The reason is that my TV sees 1080 and converts it to 16:9 automatically. The 6000 masks the right and left side.

I have submitted the suggestion that the 6000 get the option to output 480i or 480p on the component if not a HDTV signal. Got the form letter back from Dish. It would be helpful if it did this because I would not have to switch my TV back and forth between inputs. If my tv gets 480i/p it does not vertically compress the image.

A lot of time I just watch HDTV through the Svideo if I am not serious about watching the show since it gives a great picture, just a bit of stairstepping for the downconvert.
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Mike, I did the same but my response was different. Basically S-Video is capable of 480i and that is what the 6000 outputs, so why bother supporting it via component video. To the 4:3 aspect ratio, that is what the Stretch option is for. All said I let the TV do the stretching because it performs line doubling while the 6000 does not.
Yes, my TV upconverts 480i by doubling the horizontal and vertical. The problem is that S-video is on input 3 and component HDTV (1080i) is on input 5. So, I have to switch the TV over to input 5 (and click the satellite SD/HD button) to see true 1080i. Then when I go back to SDTV I get the box in the center of the screen for input 5 because of the box upconverting, so I have to click the box back to SD and run the TV back to input 3. This is a pain since the tv has 6a/v plus tuners. So, I have to click a lot to change back and forth... a pain. If the component output were to switch to 480i as an option (like choice of 720 or 1080 is now on the box), the TV would sense the change to 480i and video 5 would change to full screen.
The 6000 does line double it just does not do a very good job at it.
Sounds like you guys need to get a remote that can do all of the switching for you in a macro. :D
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