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DISH 722k With Vulkano Monsoon Flow

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I have a 722k and I already have a Sling Adapter. I am now thinking of connecting a Monsoon Vulkano Flow. I figure that way I have Sling for TV2 and Vulkano for TV1. Anyway, for those that have the Monsoon Vulkano, I have a couple of questions:

-Can someone at TV1 watch at the same time as it streams TV1 content? (I suspect it can, but I would like to verify that.)

-I assume I can simultaneously stream TV1 via Vulkano and TV2 via Sling and other than network slowdown, since I am on DSL, this shouold work, correct?

-How does it compare to Sling Player? Does it perform as well as or better than Sling?

-Is it as easy to set up as the webpage shows?

-Are there any other considerations before I tackle this?

I should also point out that I might consider a Slingbox Solo. For those familiar with both of these units, what are some compelling reasons to lect one vs. the other? It looks like the Slingbox Solo is more expensive, but that isn't a problem for me if it is a better device.

Thanks in advance!
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