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Dish 942 with Skyangel

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I currenly have the Skyangel lifetime subscription so I have no monthly bill with Dish. My current receiver is an 811 and it would be nice to have the programming on more than on TV. I am considering buying a 942 off Ebay and was wondering if anyone else has this scenereo. My questions are:

1. I do not need the PVR so is there anyway to have a 942 and not use the PVR and save the $5.99 per month?

2. With the 942, will I get hit with a non-hd fee? I heard that Dish will no longer sell HD programming with this receiver.

3. I am considering early in 07 to move to the Top 60 package since my cable deal is almost ending. I would go with the 622 but it appears that if I don't buy their HD package, I will get hit with a non-HD fee. I only have a 22" HD LCD and have no desire for the Dish HD programming outside of ESPN and I would choose to live with ESPN standard. I currenly get all my OTA in HD with great signal. That is enough for right now.

4. If I deactivate my 811 reciever from Dish, will it still work to receive over the air HD? I would still keep it connected to the SW64.
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Based on Dish's price increase, I am most likely going to keep my 811 and buy a 508 from Ebay. I want to stay around $40 per month because that is all TV should cost (my opinion). This will get me 6 OTA HD channels, I get Fox news with SA and the kids are happy with their channels.

My calucations are:

$29.99 Top 60 (100)
$5.00 additional reciever
$0.00 DVR fee (since it is a 508)
$5.99 Locals (so I can PVR them)

Am I missing any other fees other than tax?
My only concern about the 942 models is that there have been alot of complaints about reliability. Any thoughts on the 508 vs. the 942 with regards to longevity? I know my 811 goes out alot especially if I leave it on an OTA local.
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