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DISH and Fox Sports

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I live in Austin TX and for the past few months I've noticed sporting events on Fox Sports Southwest are listed but I can never watch them though I have FSS in the 200 channel package.

Tonight's Dallas Maverick game is in Detroit but the game is still blocked. Says its not available in my area, though the pregame show was broadcast here.

I have also seen home games for pro baseball, basketball and football in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio blocked, as if I could easily drive to the games. San Antonio is about an hour and half and Dallas and Houston are over three hours. But despite that lunancy, I can't figure out why "away" games would be blocked.

Seems like a joke that we "pay" to have Fox Sports Southwest yet none of the top tier events are available.

Is this happening everywhere or just in Austin?
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That would be a big "YES" joke as I'm in the same boat as you. Here in the Tulsa area I can get only Fox Rocky Mountain, and Fox Midwest channel as it says in my account programming I pay each month. I'm a St. Louis Cardinal fan and "no way" can I ever see a game. I'm even blacked out from viewing the Cardinals when they are playing the Colorado Rockies, and not blacked out when other teams are playing the Rockies. I've called Dish CSR a few time complaining and get the same old run-a-round. I've ask Dish to cancel my Fox Sports channels. They tell me it's part of the programming and cannot be canceled.
First, this has nothing to do with Dish. Blackouts are at the control of the league.
Second, just because a Fox Sports channel carries a team, does not mean you are in the DMA to get it. I am guessing Austin may be in the Spurs DMA. Have you gone to the Fox Sports Southwest site and look? To me it looks like they did not carry the Mavericks/Detroit game for your area.

You can get the pregame and lots of other programming for any RSN that Dish carries if you want to, but not the actual professional game. To see the Mavericks if that is what you want, you would need to subscribe to the NBA League Pass.
everywhere i think first night and i had la blackout.
This probably won't help but it may be worth looking at. I only receive Fox Sports on the SD feed........the HD feed has nothing, both are channel 414.
Try the Alternate channels. I live in Austin too and this Sunday 416HD did not have any game on in the night. But I knew there was a Spurs game and I eventually found it in the alternate channels (44X). As for the Mavs, even on cable we do not get many Mavs games, it has got to do with NBA rules.
Go to http://dish.com/wheresmygame and it will list all of the games in your area and mark the ones that are blacked out.

Complain to the NBA. They are the ones that decide which games will be blacked out. Dish would be more than happy to allow all of their subscribers to watch the games.
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