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We've got a significant investment in cheap old DISH receivers.
We're not planning to completely discontinue DISH service.
We've got a lifelong Sky Angel subscription. At least in
the past, DISH has honored Sky Angel as though it were a
DISH core programming package. Thus, we may be able to
downgrade to locals only, or locals and superstations,
without having to pay a $5/month maintenance fee, or a $25
restart fee later. Does DISH offer any channels a-la-carte?

We thought we might invest in an ExpressVu receiver or two,
and watch Canadian TV, at least for awhile. The Charle Chats
(or Charlie/Eddy Chats) will still be viewable. The channels
we will probably miss the most are TCM and AMC, which are both
at the AT100 tier. We may look into a BUD as a possible cheap
way of subscribing to those. Food TV Canada now has the shows
we like most. However, HGTV Canada is missing a couple of our
favorite shows. The history shows on DISH are getting a little
stale, so we're looking forward to some fresh shows we haven't
seen yet.

All this has to wait until we can afford to buy the receiver(s)
and pay the broker. Otherwise, the monthly subscription fees
will be moderate; maybe slightly more than what we're paying now,
for a lot more varied programming.

Yes, DISH does charge $5 once for each downgrade or "sidegrade";
lower or no change in price. Upgrades are "free", of course.

Whups, sorry; I didn't mean to start a new topic. Oh well; I
can't move it now without moderatorship help.

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The way I understand it is that if you have ONLY Sky Angel, there is no $5 access fee. However, if you have any type of Dish Network programming and you don't have AT50, Dish Latino or higher, then there is a $5 access fee from Dish. I could be wrong.

As far as a la carte programming from Dish, the pickin's be mighty slim, Slim.

Check out echostar.swiki.net/119

See ya
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