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Dish Network HD in an RV

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I would like to receive HD channels in my RV. Right now I am using a 510 receive with VuQube portable automatic satellite dish, with which I can now receive 110 and 119 without a problem. I plan on upgrading to a Vip722 DVR receiver. I also plan on installing a Winegard Travl'r to recdeive 110, 119 and 129. I realize I will not be able to get 129 in some areas on the east coast. Therefore, my questions are as follows:

1. Will I be able to receive satellites 129 and/or 61.5 with the Vuqube after I install the new receiver?

2. When I install the new receiver (722 Vip) and the Winegard Travl'r, can I use the VuQube to receive 61.5 at the same time I receive 110 and 119 on the Travel'r?

3. I'm thinking of installing the coax from the Travel'r to the coax already installed inthe RV. I believe I will need a switch here where the RV line and Travel'r line are connected. Will this work and what switch will I need.

4. If what I suggested in 1 thru 3 dosn't work, is there another way to accomplish this?

My goal is to be able to receive Dish Network Hd anywhere In the country.

Thanks for your help.

Dale Bonney
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First, I know NOTHING about the specific antennas you mention, so you'll need to check with the manufacturers for specifics. However, I have some experience with a couple of "on-the-move" sat antennas, and they were all as follows:

- "Legacy" LNB
- one line only
- one LNB only, meaning changing channels that are located on different satellites requires the dish in the dome to move and re-tune.

Assuming this to be true of your antenna, and I strongly suspect that it is, then you won't be able to use any dual-tuner receiver with it. Dish's dual-tuner receivers don't work right unless both tuners are fed a sat signal, and with only one output, none of the mobile setups I've encountered will do that. I'm not aware of any "DishProPlus" models (the kind that feed 2 tuners from a single cable), and doubt any exist, but I've been wrong before.

Bottom line is that, assuming these dishes can receive 129 and/or 61.5 (and being standard DBS birds, there should be no reason why not), you'd be limited to a ViP211 receiver, which is a non-DVR HD receiver.
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I think the VuQube will be problematical with a 722. As IIP said, the 722 is not happy when it has a single input, and I don't think the VuCube has a dual output. With only a single output (and not having Dish Pro Plus abilities) you will only be able to feed one tuner at a time. I tried using a dual tuner receiver with a single output roof mounted dome (made by the same people who make the VuQube) and it was an exercise in frustration. The VuQube may have worked well with your older single tuner receiver, but I don't think you will like it with the 722.

The Winegard Trav'ler Dish 1000 mount looks like it has a Dish Pro Plus LNB on it, but make sure before you plunk down your hard-earned money. If so, you should only need a single coax line to it and still be able to use both tunersl; but if it doesn't you will need to run two coax lines from the dish to the receiver. That dish will work in most locations, except for the four south and the northeast, as you are no doubt aware.

So how do you get HD in the areas where you can't see 129? The only solution I know of is a separate dish. I know of no single dish solutions that can see 110/119 and 61.5 at the same time. If you went with a wing dish, you will likely need to do some fancy cabling with a switch... I'm not sure how you would wire it in.

Another solution is to get one of the new Eastern Arc 1000.4 dishes which can see 61.5 and the new eastern arc satellites. Getting that now may be problematical, as I understand they are being used only for new installations. Before you can get one, you will need a new smart card for your receiver, and there is no clear timeline on when that will happen. Also, when you move too far west, I don't know how well it will re-aim to western satellites.

In my case, at home, I have two antennas. In the RV I have a 722, and I tried using the in-motion dome that came on my rig from the factory. After several months I gave up on that, and got a Dish 500 on a portable mount. The Dish 500 has a Dish Pro Plus LNB on it, so I only need to run a single coax into the rig, and I can see both the 110 and 119 satellites, and I can drive both tuners. It works very well, except that I don't get the HD channels. I tried using the roof top dome as a "wing dish" to get 61.5, but that didn't work out too well. Since the dome is not Dish Pro Plus compatible (just like the VuQube is not) it can't just plug into the wing dish input on the Dish 500. To make it work, I would need to run two lines in from the dish, and two lines down from the dome, and run them through a switch. I don't know if I want to go to that effort, just as I don't want to get a second portable dish as a wing dish.

I will probably just hold out until I can get a 1000.4 eastern arc dish, and then I should have HD anywhere on the eastern half of the country. That will be good enough for me, but that might not be the solution for you if you truly want to get HD anywhere. Your best bet might be to use the regular Dish 1000 that can see 110/119/129, and have HD most places, but not in the deep south and far north east.

One final comment: having a roof mounted dome, I can tell you that there have been many places where I simply could not get a single because of trees or other obstructions. A roof mounted dish like the Trav'ler or a MotoSat unit will have the same issues from time to time. If you currently use a VuQube, I'm sure there have been times where you've had to find just the right spot to set it to get a clear view of the sky. While it is inconvenient at times to set up a portable dish, there have been many campgrounds where that's the only way you'll get a signal. There are many RVers with roof mount dishes and domes that also carry a portable dish for use when trees are in the way. Before you plunk down big bucks on a roof mount, consider the places you normally camp, and think about whether you will need a portable dish or not. You might just find out that you will always be carrying the portable unit anyway, so maybe you don't want to spend all that money on the roof top unit?

Good luck in your search. I don't think that there is an ideal solution for HD in an RV everywhere. If you find one, let me know!
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