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Dish Network Investigated By State Attorneys General

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Looks like the public ( as well as the government ) is fed up with the billing practices at Echostar :



"EchoStar executives said the investigation was prompted by customers reporting complaints to the offices of state attorneys general. Spokesman Marc Lumpkin declined to comment on the number of complaints, though he said some of them involved consumers who were confused about how to get a refund on programming or equipment"

Refund on programming ? Since when does Echostar refund any programming ?
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hehe...the adage is correct-the chickens DO come home to roost...
Send Charlie to jail - give him a cell near Bill Gates so that can torment each other to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im still trying to get a credit for the bogus porn PPV charges on my bill. According to the CSR's the DON'T GIVE REFUNDS or CREDITS.

I am actually good friends of the Connecticut Attorney General, maybe I should give him a call this weekend. :)
Wasn't ol' Rich publicly complaining about DTVs requirement for a Plus dish for Hartford Locals a while back? Something to the effect that the salesmonkey at bestbuy didn't tell him he needed the special dish for locals and it was DTVs fault for false advertising?

I saw a blurb on one of the local news outlets, never saw anything again..
I know of one of my customers that got a charge on their bill as well for $49 and said that he would switch to DirecTv if he did not get the bill cleared. I knew the customer personally. They said someone called in. I told them it was bull and it took hours on the phone before that charge was cleared. That was last year and it was tough then and I am sure it is even tougher now. I wonder how many customers they actually lose due to this? Wouldnt you think that they would lose more money losing customers than the money that they would collect on these ppv charges that dont belong?
My bill has never included inappropriate charges, so I feel a bit lucky. If it ever did, I would certainly take action to have the charge eliminated. However, I know from reading this and other groups that DISH won't cooperate, and that's troubling.

If DISH refuses to eliminate a charge that the subscriber KNOWS is wrong, what's to stop another charge in the future? What if it's $100 or $1,000?

People who've been abused on this issue really need to do the entire community a favor by pursuing resolution so that DISH eventually responds to complaints. For those affected, now is a good time to raise the issue since they are under investigation and will probably be more helpful than they otherwise would be.
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