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Dish ordering process

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How does the Dish Network ordering process work? I tried asking questions pertaining to the install, but the customer service rep couldn't give me an answer. I want to switch from cable to Dish, but I have a few questions before proceeding. One of my main concerns is the satellite placement. I have trees surround my house, so I would like to know where they are going to mount it. Also, I would prefer to install the cables myself or tell them where I would like them to run the wires. I saw how they ran the wires for my friends house and do not want a similar install.

After placing an order with Dish, do they send a person to do a preliminary check of your house first or do they just send the installers out? Also, when are you locked into the contract? Does the installing company bring the paperwork with them?
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Hi, and welcome to DBSTalk...

They aren't going to be able to tell you much of anything about "where" until someone actually comes out and takes a look to see if/where they can get good line of sight.

If the installer comes out and doesn't think he can get signal, then he won't do any work and you won't be in a contract for anything. It's bad, but at least doesn't cost you any money.

I've never had to have them run wires (homes have been pre-wired) so I don't know how that process works. It might depend on how complicated it is (length and ease of access) as to how much they will do your way.

If you are pleasant and reasonable AND if you get a pleasant and reasonable Tech, then I would expect some flexibility as long as you aren't costing him extra work and equipment that he won't get reimbursed for as part of the install.

Sometimes you will get installers who will do extra/custom work for a fee... but again that can't be determined until he gets there and sees what it is going to take.
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You could try dishpointer.com as well to get an idea of places it could go. If you can't get LoS based on the Eastern ARC you could take a look at DIRECTV as they use different orbital locations. That site has both on there to check.
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