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dtv757 said:
I am having some really bad issues w/ my (3LNB) dish. i currently get a 93% signal strength on 101(a) but when i get heavy winds/rain its zero percent signal
i was talking to a sub-contractor/ former D* installer and told him how i'm having problems w/ rain, and he was telling me how when he installs D* dishes he gets 99+ signal strength and no rain problems. so he came to look at my dish the other day and was telling me how i needed to get it relocated. he showed me about 5 main problems

1-it should have never been put on my roof to begin with because there is not enough support by my shingles to give it stability.
2-when he tapped the dish w/ 2 fingers (w/ very little force) it rocks and shakes,
3-the dish is not level, when you look at the level at the top of the dish the bubble is off to the left
4-my line of sight, (at the dish's current location) is closing because of trees.
5-the tilt is off due to heavy winds, i should have a 55 degree tilt but because of heavy winds its now at a 57/58 degree tilt. (he also believes the former installers changed the tilt slightly to compensate for its sloppy location)

so i need a new dish, as the current one is rusted and would tear apart my roof when trying to remove it, and i need it relocated.

from when he was telling me was the MASTEC installer that recently installed my DVR should have mentioned to me that i needed to relocate my dish during a standard inspection before he ran the 2 new lines to the new room, but of course MASTEC installers get paid very little and don't care about what they are doing.

i called retention and got transfered numerous times to see if D* would relocate my dish but D* wanted to charge me 50 for the new dish and they would have to send another sloppy MASTEC installer to fix it. they would not give me credit for the X amount of years that i have paid for the worthless protection plan so i could hire an installer (or sub-contractor) of my choice.

is there any one else besides retention that i can call and complain and get this situation fixed, thanks in advanced.
You do have some bad information in your post but you can try the Office of the president at 888-237-8327. Your dish must be in really bad condition if it need replacement, you may need no more than correctly realigning and/or reanchoring the dish to get your signals back.:)
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