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DISH Spending on Merger: $28 Million

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How much has it cost EchoStar so far to merge with its small dish rival, DirecTV?

According to the company, EchoStar has spent approximately $28 million in merger related costs as of June 30. It was roughly eight months prior to that June date when EchoStar and Hughes, parent of DirecTV, announced their intention to merge operations in a $26 billion deal that could give EchoStar CEO Charlie Ergen control of the combined entity.

The merger is before regulators in Washington, D.C.

According to a Securities and Exchange Filing detailing merger costs for EchoStar, the satellite TV company said if the merger is not consummated, EchoStar may be required to record a charge to earnings in future periods. Figures for Hughes' spending on the deal were not contained in its 10-Q filing.

From SkyReport (Used with Permission)
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well, he had to do SOMETHING with all that charegback money besides spend it on the ranch...lol
I wonder what their plans are with combining the 2 companies. Dish Network is putting in service centers, much like the cable TV companies, where they route inhouse technicians daily, and have quota and calendars and QC personel working 6 days a week. Direct TV just subs out all the work. What do you think their long range plans are?
charlie wants to own the world....
Although my feeble mind can't conceive of that much money, I suspect spending $28 million on a $26 BILLION deal is peanuts.
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