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Dishnetwork Problems

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I have a dishpro 500 with DVR522, we had the repair guys out last week and they mounted my dish on a tripod in the midle of the yard. while they were here they installed a new dp Twin LNB, dp34 switch and a new DVR 522 reciever.A few days later the wind blew the tripod over so we mounted on a cemented in Pipe in the open yard but when setting everything back up all we can get the check switch to fine is 119 and 129 we can not get it to hit the 110 satilite. can someone help us?

Thanks in advance

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Welcome to DBSTalk, Kathy. :hi:

It sounds to me like your dish is pointing too far to the west. Try rotating the dish a few degrees to the east.

If that doesn't do it, clear out your switch matrix by unplugging the satellite cable(s) from your receiver and then running a checkswitch. Then plug one cable in from the dish directly to one of the tuners on your 522, and use the point dish screen to find the 119 satellite. Peak the signal. Then, connect the cables from the dish back to the switch, and back to your 522. Run the checkswich.

If that doesn't work, it's possible the LNB was damaged when the wind blew it over.
If DNSC installed it you should have a 90 day warranty on installation. Call 1-800-333-3474.
I do but they said it would take a coupe weeks to get back down this way.
Try Mark's first suggestion. The LNB should be marked for 110 (westernmost) and 119 (easternmost). Get to the signal strength screen with the annoying noise. Go outside and cover the easternmost (110) with your hand or aluminum foil. You will likely lose signal from 119. If so, you are pointed too far to the west. The number of degress to swing back to the east is found as the difference between the Az values displayed when you select Dish 300 (not 500) and pick 110 and then 119 satellites. Not sure where in S TX you are.
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