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Dishplayer a POS, but Tech support great!

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Since most people only post only the negatives, I thought I would post a positive experience I had with Dish just a little while ago. As usual, the experience started with me seeing red! I was this close to blowing a gasket over the upgrade that essentially broke my Displayer. (August "upgrade").

Again that is an exaggeration, but the unit was working great all summer, then the upgrade hit and the unit is loaded with more bugs than a Volkswagen dealership!

This evening I turned on the unit and for the first time since I've owned it (two years), I'm greeted with a blinking yellow light on the front of the unit, some cheesy music and a screen that says: you need to connect to MSN for the latest software. Then the unit tried to dial MSN. I have never and will never subscribe to WebTV/MSN service. They unit failed to connect and told me the unit was broken and gave me the option to power the unit off or
just sit there and watch the static screen and listen to the cheesy music. No amount of power cycles would get the unit past this screen.

I tried power cycles. I tried removing the programming card, unplugging the unit, every button on the system, several option codes....no joy.

Finally in desperation and anger I called Dish. In their greeting I had the option to go to "technical support and a sub-menu took me to Displayer support. I was fuming. I kept my composure. Not 3 minutes passed. Lo and behold, a real human being (nice guy too) answered the phone. I was courteous, but I'm sure noticeably angry when I explained my predicament to the man on the phone. We went through several of the same things I'd done
and repeated them just to eliminate customer error. After a while we finally decided to use the Jenny code... I didn't want to lose all the settings, but what the heck. The Jenny code appeared to work, but when I turned the unit back on, the system was still stuck in the same screen.

After an option 411, we realized that the unit was only reporting it saw the web TV box with the previous software (2324 or whatever and not the newer software I'd already received) and not the dish receiver at all. This was weird. The techie was about to offer me a replacement (not what I wanted...I just wanted my unit to work now!) when he asked me to hold just a
second. After less than 30 seconds he comes back on and asks me to try unplugging the unit once again. What the heck! I did it. Plugged it back in after 15 seconds or so and walked back to the phone. As I was waiting the green light started blinking. Then he told me perhaps I should also disconnect the satellite input to make absolutely certain we get a total reset. As I was walking back to the Displayer to do this, the system comes on (from the last time I plugged it in) and begins to record the event I had scheduled for that time. WOW! It's back to normal. No lost recording and no lost events. I used the Jenny code and it did not wipe the system at all! Very interesting.

Anyway, I wanted to publicly thank Dish Network for the technical support. Yes, I probably could have eventually gotten this. But having some one talk me down. Being on the verge of replacing my 2 year-old receiver and sticking with me without trying to rush through the process was great!

The Displayer is still broken from this last upgrade...but it works. That's more than I can say before I called for help!

Again, we only hear about the zombies working at Dish... I wanted to let you know that there are some caring and friendly people working there. I wish I could remember his name, but when he told it to me I was not in the mood. :)

Anyone from Dish here...the call was today 9/16 at about 8pm EDT directly to Dishplayer tech support through the automated phone menu.

See ya
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That's great news Tony. I do have a word of warning though. My DP did the exact same thing yours did and after a month of having to reset it like you did every other day, I discovered that the hard drive was going bad. Keep a close eye on your DP over the coming weeks.
This is a new glitch in the software, rather than a bad hard drive. It's supposed to be fixed soon.
One of my DPs has done the same thing twice in the last 2 months. Unplugging it has been the cure for me. Haven't tried any codes on it yet since it got well without using them. My other DP has gone back to staying on after the 3AM EPG download. Will try unplugging it today and see what happens.
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