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Dishplayer Not Powering Off after Recording

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Anyone else having a problem with their Dishplayer not powering off after it is done recording? This problem just started last week.
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If that's in the program mode, i've noticed another anomaly---on one of my units the save screen is on in the morning and the only way to get it off is to power off---it will act like it is powering off including some video interference and then come on at the home page.
I've not seen either of these problems. For the benefit of mjroth:

Hare you tried the various resets - In order of extremity...

(all resets preferably done with the box off after the hard drive has spun down)

1) Smart Card (or power plug) pull (reset receiver side)
2) Power Plug pull (sometimes seems effecitive where smart card is not).
3) 32768 (press 'option' + 32768 on remote after box is off and quiet) - Resets client (webTV) side
4) 7225000 to refresh the guide information (dump the 7 day and download the 2 day)

MANY bizare Dishplayer problems seem to be caused by quide issues. Many people like to try #4 before #3. It is a bit less disruptive (#3 will cost you vcr and a few other settings). None of these resets will cost you programmed or scheduled events.
It happened with one of my DP's last night. Most likely its an anomoly in the program guide. No biggy.
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