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DishPVR 501 with latest P406 software: no program guide problem

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My PVR 501 updated itself to P406 recently and since then I am having a problem downloading the program guide. The device works perfectly fine and shows all of the subscribed channels from 61.5 satellite but it is not capable of downloading the program guide anymore - "Retrieving information from satellite" window hangs forever. Timer based recordings are not possible either, even with manual timers. Soft and hard reset with HDD and NVRAM cleanup didn't help. Dishnetwork support denies P406 software problem and blames on hardware. They suggest to return the receiver for a replacement.

Is anybody else having the same problem? Just thinking of any possible ways of resolving this without PVR replacement since I don't believe this is a sudden hardware problem started right after the software upgrade...
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Get the home protection plan for s month and return it the next day after ordering it. Then cancel it when you get the replacement back.
this has been an on-going problem w/ the 5 seriers an the P firmware. no solutions in sight.
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