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Disney-ABC TV Group Hiring New Artists for TV Show Music

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I thought some might find this TV Week Article as interesting as I did.
...As part of a larger effort to control escalating music budgets for its programming, the Disney-ABC TV Group has launched an initiative to discover and groom its own roster of homegrown-and adult-skewing-artists.

...At a time in which some TV shows now spend as much as $200,000 per episode on music, DATG's chief goal with Session Five-launched about three years ago-is to give its music-hungry showrunners a lower-cost yet creatively acceptable alternative to major label acts.

The artist series expands that mission, so that Session Five will now be in the business of grooming young musicians in the same manner TV studios nurture baby writers.
Wow, $200,000 per episode!
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It's amazing what writers can make off a single song. A friend of mine wrote a song 45 years ago that became a hit in England. It got used in a movie last year. He received royalties last year of $13,000 for the one song. Not bad for a 45 year old song. Imagine the $$$ that someone like Lenon/McCartney or Carol King (no relation) make on old songs. Page one of a 4 page list of King/Geffen songs: http://www.spectropop.com/brill/zzkingsonglist1.html#start
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