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From The Morning Bridge:
A four-letter "golden goose," advancing the TV Everywhere agenda and embracing media fragmentation are all reasons why some see investor dreams coming true at Disney. Speaking at Bernstein Research's 28th Annual Strategic Decisions Conference this week, Disney CEO Robert Iger gave investors a peek into what the firm sees as market-wide under-appreciation.

For starters, Disney's "golden goose" is ESPN, and Iger sees little risk in 1) pricing its sports programming relative to the value being delivered, or 2) from the emergence of non-sports programming tiers.

...Details from Iger's chat regarding the company's cable networks include:
Recent investments in cable programming have increased the value of the networks to consumers, distributors and advertisers.
  • The typical cable subscriber is not dissatisfied with the overall value of multichannel programming packages. Iger says cable companies that complain about the high cost of programming should spend more time selling the value of the programming to customers.
  • Iger says a la carte cable packages would likely cost more than current programming tiers, given the wide variety of bundles people would desire and the unbundled pricing mechanism that would be triggered.
  • Iger says DISH is "biting the hand that feeds them" with its ad-hopper technology, and he's confident in Disney's legal footing in this case.
You have to acknowledge Iger's focus, or tunnel vision. Cable (and satellite) companies are obviously his customer group. Viewers are cable (and satellite) companies' customers. It's cable (and satellite) companies' problem to convince viewers that Disney/ESPN/ABC channels content is of value because viewers aren't Disney/ESPN/ABC channels customers.
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