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Displaying my pictures via my HD DVR

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I think this has been in the CE stream at one point or another. The product manual for my HR21-700 offers no help here, so I'm assuming this is new or perhaps just plain not there yet.

Anyway....I have all of these beautiful 5 megapixel pictures of my vacation in Peru. I'm getting a new 58" plasma TV to better enjoy football season and was thinking it would be neat to display the pictures via my HR21. Machu Picchu would look impressive on that TV.

So, is there a way I can do this?

Thanks for the help here.
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Start here:


A warning though - the pictures won't look as good on your TV as they do on your computer monitor. If you really want them to look their best you'd be best advised to burn them to a DVD or even better, an HD-DVD or Bluray (if you have one) and play them directly through that device.

If your camera allows it you could also hook it directly up to the TV via component video or HDMI, but you'd have to have a high end camera for that kind of support.
I'm pleased to move this thread to the HD DVR forum, as Media Share is available in the national release.
Thanks for moving this to the right place and for those that got me pointed in the right direction so quickly. Doesn't look simple, but it does look doable. Looks like I have a project for the long upcoming holiday weekend.
It's actually not quite as daunting at it may seem at first glance. Follow the steps and you should be up and running within an hour - that's about how long it took me, if I remember correctly.
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