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Distortion on ABC and ESPN

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Dad's got a 46 Sony Bravia XBR with HR21. All signals good. One channel has a problem. ABC ( also ESPN ) looks good EXCEPT the very top of screen there is distortion. Very thin line of distortion very top going across as if the picture is not filling up the screen. My 40 Sony Bravia XBR never has this problem. Any help appreciated.
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Check your tv settings and make sure you are not underscanning. On the sony's there is a screen size setting and if it got bumped accidently it will cause this issue.

Happened with mine. Was set to -1 and caused the problem you are describing.
Thanks , I will check tomorrow. Strange though it's only on ABC/ESPN and no other channel.
I only had the problem on a few channels as well. But I set it back to "0" from -1 and all was well!
thanks again. BTW u should visit NYC and check out SOUTH PACIFIC @ LINCOLN CENTER. noticed your Broadway icon. The show was just terrific. I saw it last week and cant wait to go again
thanks for the quick response. the display setting on the sony was indeed -1 or
+1 and i set it to 0 or normal and all is well. thanks again
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