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Fallguy said:
I have enough savvy to do most things the home protection plan has so should I cancel it at end of the free period (am new cust)?

My concern is what does dish do for a customer if a receiver goes belly up and you don't have the protection plan?

Its all leased equip do they typically replace a bad receiver even if you do not have home protection as they want to retain customers?

Thanks, I just don't want to have to pay for a new receiver in the future, or have to commit to another 2yr plan to get one again.

P.S. If one does not have home protection (as I will likely not in the future when I cancel) can you buy it one day and call in a couple days latter for a bad receiver. Long story short what is the deal in general with getting a bad receiver replaced and who pays.

My siganal is 64 on the 110bird and 52 on the 119 bird (fair, good, better than good, great) western KS
YES CANCEL business rules allow you to add DHPP when you need it. There is no requirement that you have it on a monthly basis but enough people keep it that it becomes a profit for DISH.:) To me your signal strength is too low for being in the center of the country and 119 should be stronger than 110, by my experience.
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