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Do I need a Slim Line Dish????

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DirecTV sent me a letter saying I needed a new HD receiver due to their new satellites being lauched. I called DirecTV and the CSR said I needed the Slim Line Dish and another HD receiver.

I know that I need a new receiver since my old one is not MPEG4 compatible but why do I need a Slim Line Dish? I currently have 3 other HD receivers that are MPEG4 compatible.

I currently have the MPEG4 ku/Ka Dish (AT-9) and it is a larger dish. I have never had any problems with reception with this dish and I am currently getting the new channels on the new Sats (99 and 103) with no problems on my other TVs with my other HD receivers.

BTW: all this would be free of charge, but I am worried about replacing a dish that is working perfectly fine.

Am I missing something here? Is there another reason to get the Slim Line Dish.

I always have lived by the motto "if it is not broken..............don't fix it".

I would like to hear opinions on this free install/upgrade from others.

Thanks for your help. :)
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If you have the AT9 (sidecar) you do not need a slimline.

Both see the same sats. They probably just have it listed wrong.
Slimlines are easier to service for one. If you were to have to get a new LNB on your sidecar on a service call, you would get a whole new dish just to get a new LNB. HSP's no longer stock parts for those old dishes. Aside from that there's about a 20lb weight difference between the two. The mount is the same, same cables would be used, same multiswitch if needed.

I say if its free, go for it.
It is very possible that the installer will not put up the new dish when he sees that you are already using one that is compatible.
Kick that AT9 to the curb. They're big, ugly and some of them have LNBs which are ticking time bombs (there was a bad run of them). I know you think the AT9 is bigger and that means more signal, but due to the arrangement of the pickups, I don't think there actually is more collection area, just less overlap between 5 collection areas in play. I could be wrong on this though.
When I upgraded from a H20 to my HR20, the work order had a new dish listed. The CSR said they do that just to ensure that the installer brings one, if needed. The installer didn't replace it.
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