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Do Keyword Searches on the HR21 Work?

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Someone straighten me out. I keep trying to do a "track field" keyword search to find the track and field coverage for the olympics. It finds like 20 instances of programs but never adds anything to the to do list. It is starting to seriously annoy me. My old standard def directivo is doing EXACTLY what I expect while this crazy thing drives me crazy. I have powered the unit off more than once since this problem started. Any suggestions?
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donley said:
I just changed it to BOTH. So far nothing in the to do list. I will check again in the morning. I guess the fundamental problem is, I am used to the directivo, it worked for years like a champ and I trust it. This thing not so much.
The biggest problem with autorecords is that they don't populate the to do list in a timely fashion. They record, but they dont tell you they are going to like a regular SL does... at least not consistently. Its a wishlist item to get fixed.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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