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Do we need a bugs vs. fixes score??

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Anyone kept score of the total number of HR20 bugs accross all versions of software, vs. how many of them have actually been fixed? Perhaps a ratio?

I doubt D* will willingly reveal such stats, but can we not calculate a ratio from the reports on this forum?

I propose such a bugs / fixes score be very useful to members in dertermining if we are moving forward or backward. And if supporting the HR20 is worthwhile or futile.

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Doug Brott has kept carefull track of feature requests in the Wishlist Survey. When an item is removed because it is complete, he note it here:


You can see the bugs that each release was to correct in the release note starting here:


Take the Survey if you haven't recently. The first 13 items are bugs and missing features.

- Craig
Even tho we know of BSOD as one bug, it very well could be many bugs, some of which come up often, some that don't. Its the nature of complex, asynchronous programming, alas. So while we could try a checklist of fixed/not fixed, (and hopefully not) rebroke, we'll probably not have enough data to really be sure.

I gather from several people that Directv is very aggressively working on the defects. And the programmers are getting kudos for the tremendous hours they've been putting in.

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