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Which UI do you prefer?

  • New HD UI

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Old SD UI

    Votes: 237 82.6%
  • Don't care

    Votes: 50 17.4%

Do you prefer the HD or the SD UI?

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Old new or don't care.

I prefer the Old SD for readability and the PIG.
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Respectfully disagree with you there. I like the aspect ratio of the PIG in the old guide, but that's about it.
Voted old. If they updated the new one to show more program info on the screen and made use of the HD fonts instead of using the huge ones they have now, I would probably vote new. Seems rather pointless for the same information, and the loss of multiple resolution output.
I'd gotten used to the colors in the old UI and missed it in the new, but it's not that hard to get used to the new.

For that reason I voted don't care, but because of the crippling of features, the fact certain operations take more key strokes, or obscure more of the screen, I suppose I should have voted for the old.
I voted 'Old' because my HR24-500s are overall slower with the new.

I also would like more guide info and to be rid of the giant black bars that cover everything....
Voted for HD, because it fixed my issue with entering channel numbers. Plus I think it brought the look of the DVR up to date. Is it perfect, no, but I understand there are more changes to come. Like changes for the FF & Rewind blackout of the bottom 1/4 of the screen.
I like the New HDUI but it does need more Improvements & Enhancements.
The new, it will only get better.
I like the new GUI. It's so much "crisper" on the screen I find it nicer on the eyes.
The higher resolution greatly improves the legibility of the CC text.
Its a bit of a loaded question. We could expect the HD GUI to skew towards like rather than not like, but it comes with a cost, so the answer must be balanced between what one likes and what one doesn't like about the HD GUI. My vote tilts to like, but I am not happy about having to futz with resolutions whenever I want to burn off a copy to DVDRW, which ironically has nothing at all to do with resolutions, and was not a problem with the SD GUI.

There is also the problem of it not clearing very quickly; you can hear the program start before the GUI vanishes. Annoying. Also annoying is that it really isn't any more ergonomically friendlier or intuitive than the old GUI, just prettier. One would think that they would take this opportunity to RETHINK the GUI, not just gussy it up. Many are not happy with the uselessly-large real estate requirements of the time bar, either.

There is also at least one minor step away from ergonomy, which is that if a line is selected you can no longer tell if it is full luminance or shaded to indicate that no portion of it has been played yet. A small quibble, but a quibble none the less.

But pretty it is. I really appreciate how "HD" it is every time I go away from it to the SD "Active" screen for weather reports.

I give them an A+ for quality of visual design, and an F for not rethinking the problems the SD GUI had, and just mindlessly shooting from the hip. What they accomplished was welcome and solicits kudos, but what they did not do is probably reflected by the shocking percentage of folks who did not vote for it. It should be 95% if they did their job, not 80%.
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Like layout of new.

Like color scheme of old.
In the don't care minority.

All the new shiny things and other changes I would trade for pure functionality. I like the better performance but some of the introduced key complexities, unsupported secondary output resolutions, etc (without lowering all) in favor of appearances leave me flat.

Good news is 100 years from now none of us will care either way.;)

Don "and that's saying something since I'm a kind of a round guy" Bolton
HD hands down, for looks and performance.

And what's a PIG (assuming you're not talking about Arnold)?
The new one hands down, it's faster and easier to read. Win-Win!
I find the HD's white text on black background very hard to read, but that is usually a fact learned in Graphics 101. I've always disliked black A/V components for the same reason. The icons are cute though.
Davenlr said:
Voted old. If they updated the new one to show more program info on the screen and made use of the HD fonts instead of using the huge ones they have now, I would probably vote new. Seems rather pointless for the same information, and the loss of multiple resolution output.
Isn't that 3-second period after you press the button where you get to see the bones of the playlist (the background it will eventually display over) just a glaring embarrassment? It's as if the GUI is saying "Here's a preview of what will be coming up on your screen, assuming you can wait that long, and how little of the actual real estate available will actually mean anything to you. And as you can see about 40% of it will contain the playlist (that narrow stripe near the middle), which you just asked for, while the remaining 60% top and bottom will contain filler, which you didn't ask for".

It's kind of 1993, like waiting for a clumsy web graphic to download over dialup.
Just got the new guide today and love it so far so I say the new one!!! :)
I like the new HD gui... My legally blind wife agrees with that assessment... it's much easier for her to read than the old GUI
Especially on smaller screens. Hope they add the option to change colors, like the old TiVo units.
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