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Do you really need pro install of HR20???

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I am thinking of swapping out my D* DVR for a HR 20. Two lines are already run in to the spot. I have a 3 LNB Dish. Do I really need them to come out or could I just have them send one to me and set it up myself?

Opinions please. Thanks for your help.
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D* will not send one to you unless it comes with an installer ;)
You can, however, check your big box stores like Best Buy and get one there.
From there, you can set it up yourself and activate it.

Couple of things to consider. Without the latest 5 LNB dish you'll not be upgraded to receive the 2 new satellites coming on board. However you can do what I mentioned above, then ask D* to come out and install the new dish.

Either way, after the lease cost of 299, everything else should be free from D*.
You can get the HR20 from Best Buy, install it with your current dish and still have Directv schedule an upgrade to the 5 LNB dish (which should be at no cost).
I installed an HR20 I bought from Circuit City and the 5 LNB dish myself without any problems. It's not too difficult.
I think there are still instructional videos on www.solidsignal.com for installing the 5-LNB.
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