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Do you still have to pay a lease fee?

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I talked on the phone with Dish today seeing what they would offer me and to see if they had any ideas for my 721. They told me I could upgrade to a 722 for $100 and some. I thought this was a rip off as I'd asked in the past and got told something like $79 or something. They said it would be leasing it though for both prices. I didn't ask anymore as I told them I didn't want to lease a receiver and I didn't want a contract and if they couldn't offer me something without the contract or leasing it I'd go to D*. I ended up just ordering a 722 from dishstore.net as I want to own it. Anyway I got to wondering do I have to pay a monthly lease fee or is once I pay the $129 or whatever they told me it was I can't remember the amount is that all I have to pay for the rest of the life of the receiver? I know it used to be more a month but I was wondering if it still is or if it's just that upfront cost. Doesn't really matter as I've bought my own and want to own it no matter the answer but I was just curious now. Thanks.
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No, I'm pretty sure you just have to activate it. . .

Let me ask you something - why would you want to own this thing? Lets say it breaks or the HDMI port stops working and the problem is hardware related. What do you do? Dish won't do anything for you since you own it and if you sent it to get repaired, I'm sure it will cost quite a pretty penny. So you're basically out $390.

If we do some simple math here:

It's $5 a month to lease the 722 (IF connected to a phone line or internet) $10 if you are not connected to phone line.

If connected to phone or internet: $390/$5 = 78 months = 6.5 years just to break even
If not connected: $390/$10 = 39 months = 3.25 years to break even

Lets assume that you do connect to a phone line (which is pretty easy since most people still have land lines or internet connections), will you seriously keep this receiver for the next 6.5 years? Personally, I find that $5 gives me the piece of mind that if the receiver breaks, I just have to call Dish and they'll send me the new one. If I get tired of the receiver or want new technology (such as the upcoming 722k with Sling embedded), I just have to call and upgrade under Dishn' it up and heckle them to give me the receiver for $50 (which Dish has done numerous times for me in the past)

With that being said, I do not see the logic in buying any receivers that are this expensive. Now, if we're talking about 311 which retails for about $120, then I can see your point. They are solid receivers and you can keep them for years as long as you don't upgrade your tv to HD.

Can you explain this to me?
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There is no difference in monthly fees between an owned 722 and if you had taken them up on the leased unit. The difference is the purchase price and the up front lease price. Note that the lease deal would include any dish, LNB, switch, labor, ... needed to get you the HD channels. Whether leased or owned, if you have a problem with the receiver, you can add DHPP and have the receiver replaced if you develop an issue after the warranty expires.

When you get the purchased 722, adding 129 or 61.5 to what you have now will be your responsibility. If you already have a ViP, and this will be the 2nd MPEG-4 receiver, it will be $7/month instead of the $5/month that would be charged for a 721. That $7/month Addl Rec fee is exactly the same price as the $7 lease fee. The 722 also has the $5/month if you don't connect to a phone line or Ethernet to the Internet. There is also a $7/month fee if you do NOT subscribe to at least the $10 HD Essentials package. The 722 will also have the $5.98 DVR fee that the 721 didn't have. If this will be your first active receiver with a DVR fee, you should check into Dish DVR Advantage. It saves you $3.98/month with AT100 and $5.98 (the DVR fee) with AT200 or AT250.
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I used to be a BIG proponent of owning, but I agree that the lease fee is a better deal today (given the cost and pricing structure). Cable doesn't let you buy their box either - my local company charges almost $10/mo. I don't see the benefit of buying any more unless you need more receivers then Dish will lease to you. Good luck!

BTW: I currently own the 508 and 721 which don't have any monthly lease or DVR fees, and I plan on moving to a leased receiver when I get HD, or MPEG4 makes these obsolete.
I looked into the DVR Advantage pack and ideally that with the HD pack would be ideal but they told me I had to sign a 2 year contract if I signed up to that package. Is this true? I'm not signing a contract and I let him know over the phone that if I signed a contract it would be with Direct TV. He told me all they can do then is bill me separate for them. I right now have my 211 connected for the few days until my 722 arrives. I had them add the $10 hd pack when I connected the 211 back up. I plan to cut it off and hook up the 722 when it gets here then pay for the $10 hd pack and the DVR fee. I also have a 501 upstairs I plan to keep. This is all with the Top 200 or whatever and locals.

I don't really know why I like to own the stuff I just do.

Anyway I already have a Dish 1000 that gets me the 129 satellite and have a dp44 switch but no longer need it. I plan to use the idk what it's called anymore but it's basically like a splitter I used for the 721 and plan to use it for the 722 also. I have one line from the dish to the house then that splitter looking thing to connect to both the inputs of the 721. I'm assuming this will work with the 722. If not I may have to hook the dp44 back up but I'm hoping to not have to do that.
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hometheaterman said:
I just do.
That is a valid reason.
One advantage to an owned receiver is that you can take it off the account and add it back "when needed" and only pay a pro-rated fee for time active. That can save both the $7 Addl Rec fee and its $5.98 DVR fee. Might only be off for a short time, but that's still $12.98/month.

You should call again and ask if you can sign up for DishDVRAdvantage if you agree to CC Autopay. I switched from annual prepay to AT100 DVRAdvantage in Feb and didn't have to commit to 2 years. It was EITHER a commit OR CCAP. Might not still be a choice?? I searched here because I knew I'd posted it before, but it may have changed when they went from 18 months to 24 months. The OLD version is quoted at http://www.dbstalk.com/showthread.php?p=881366&highlight=DDA+autopay#post881366
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