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Premium Choices

  • HBO

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  • Starz

    Votes: 142 71.7%
  • Showtime

    Votes: 120 60.6%
  • Cinamax

    Votes: 133 67.2%
  • Sports Pack

    Votes: 100 50.5%
  • Game Lounge

    Votes: 80 40.4%
  • All

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  • None

    Votes: 27 13.6%

Do you subscribe to Premium Movie Channels?

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Do you subscribe to the premium movie channels?

If so Why? for variety of programming, Choice of Movies?
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Original series on HBO, Showtime, & Starz.
sigma1914 said:
Original series on HBO, Showtime, & Starz.

Plus Cinemax for the bewbs :D

Had Game Lounge once a couple of years ago. It sucked. A lot.
I'm a Premier sup with HD Extra Pack, MLB Extra Innings, and NFL Sunday Ticket. Reasons should be obvious. Movies, sports, and original programming.
I currently have HBO,Cinemax,Starz,Showtime,Encore, and HD Extra pack since it was apart of my new customer sign up package free for 3 months.

When my 3 months are up I will only keep HBO & Showtime.I like both because of the series they have.HBO for Boardwalk Empire, Game Of Thrones.Showtime for Dexter and Californication.

Also I like HBO & Showtime for the boxing coverage they show & cover throughout the year.Also HBO sports documentaries are usually great.Showtime's Inside the NFL is great also.Heck I remember back in the 90's when that show was on HBO.

Starz would be nice but the only thing I really like on there is Magic City.That alone does not justify me subscribing to that channel pack.

HD extra pack IMHO is pretty horrible and not worth paying for.A lot of the programming they show aren't even in HD.Only way I'll keep this if I can get around it by doing the loop hole trick to remove & add the 3 free months trial on Directv's website.
I currently subscribe to HBO for True Blood
Starz: Original programming & movies
HBO & Showtime: Original programming
Cinemax: It's included in Premier, otherwise I wouldn't get it.
HBO for original programming. mainly the newsroom...love it!
real time w/ bill maher is on my dvr to do list also.
HBO and Showtime for original programming. Not so much for movies.
None - too expensive for my family's budget.
All 4 movie preemies + Netflix, Prime.

I like movies. :D
HBO, mostly for their original series. Newsroom is pretty great, seems as if they have a left wing slant.
SteveHas said:
Only Showtime, and only when Dexter is on.
Homeland and Shameless are excellent watches too. (Weeds as well but it's done soon)
NO ! It's way too expensive for my budget also.I will subscribe to HBO again when Boardwalk Empire season 3 starts in the Fall.I will also most likely pick up the Sports pack again too when & if the NHL season starts.I like their pre-game shows.
1 - 20 of 71 Posts
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