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Doctor Who battles Daleks in 1930's New York

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Doctor battles Daleks in New York

The Daleks are poised to do battle in New York in a forthcoming episode from the latest series of Doctor Who.

The two-parter will see the show's star David Tennant and new assistant Martha Jones, played by Freema Agyeman, face their famous foes in 1930s Manhattan.

"This time, their plan is the most audacious Dalek scheme yet! Even the Doctor finds himself out of his depth," said lead writer Russell T Davies.
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As no one seems to use this forum anymore I wont Start a new thread for this.

David Tennant is to leave Dr Who in the middle of its fourth series, according to a report in the UK's The Sun, Newspaper.

He is currently filming the third series of the resurrected drama, to be shown in the spring, but has apparently told producers he will only make part of the following outing.

Now on the lookout for Tennant's successor, programme bosses are said to be considering Trainspotting star Robert Carlyle and Basic Instinct 2's David Morrissey.

BBC denies Doctor 'quits' report

David Tennant is "committed" to Doctor Who, the BBC insists, despite a report that he is leaving the sci-fi drama.
Interesting. I wonder why folks are not hanging around longer like they did in the "old" days. Are they afraid of being type casted?
If the rumor is true, it would be a shame.... My experience with the old doctors was that it usually took them a bit to work into the role comfortably, and then they could take off as actors... so each change of actor brought uncertainty and confusion for the first few episodes.

Eccleston was just rounding out, I thought, by the end of the season and could have had a good second season. Tennant grew on me quicker, but still I figured his 2nd (the show's 3rd) season will be even better... so it would be a shame to lose him soon after that.

I know some actors do fear being typecast... but in order to be typecast it means #1 you are good at what you are doing and #2 you do it for a long time. Unemployed actors doing bit roles are never typecast... so IF you are typecast it means you were gainfully employed doing something you liked and were good at... so it is a double-edged sword I suppose.

My main concern is that the churn of actors in the title role could doom this new series to an early failure. Some folks just don't adapt to change well (lots of old Doctor Who fans only watch Tom Baker and that's it but he had the longest tenure so they have a lot to watch)... if fans of the new show similarly latch on to one doctor or another, the show could splinter its viewership.
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