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Ok.. So I haven't tried DirecTv on Demand in a while. I was waiting for more HD programming. I decided to check it out again this week.

I noticed that it is really hard to find anything. I thought it would have been laid out better by this point in time. I can go to the OnDemand menu. Pick a category and maybe a sub category, but then there are hundreds or more programs. It seems like 80% of which I don't subscribe to. Has there been any thought to only showing DoD content for channels which a user subscribes to? ? It is too cumbersome to bother looking through DOD when so much of it is programming I don't subscribe to and most of the other stuff is PPV. I wouldn't mind having the PPV in DOD, but maybe have a separate category. The DOD content for channels I don't subscribe to is just annoying.

I also saw the NBC programming. Nice except it is $1.99 per show for 24 hours. Do people really pay for this? Most of this stuff is free on the internet. It is included free on Netflix Watch Instantly too. Why not just have the entire show with it's commercials for free? BTW.. I watched a few episodes of 30 Rock on Netflix Watch Instantly. I'll probably watch some more of this show when the new season starts. Isn't this the way it's supposed to work? Hook you in, so you will watch more in the current season? Why wouldn't they offer it for free.

With all the HD Channels and good HD-DVRS on Directv, the On Demand stuff is really the only thing that I have to admit isn't too good on Directv. Comes up over lunch sometimes when discussing service with co-workers about which service to pick.
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