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Does anyone have the SWM mounted on or near the dish?

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This is the setup I think I am going to go with on my pole install so I would only have to bury 1 line into the house. If anyone who has this setup could describe how/where the mounted the switch that would be great. As always pics are welcome:D
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had to make a plate for my swm5.. now I have the swmline :)
I did one for a customer. Works fine. No pics though. Just make sure to weatherproof the switch.
So it it just ok to mount the SWM to a plate at the bottom of the dish or maybe bury it? Is their a casing I can use to cover it. Im trying to put the SWM as close to the dish as I can, Also is there a place on the SWM to ground to so that if Lightning hits the dish it would just take out the SWM instead of my receivers? Thanks for the help.
There are several holes on the Ka.Ku dish for you to use zip ties to mount the switch.
And yes there is a ground screw on there. But don't count on it to protect form lightning. If it hits all of it will be gone.
Mines on the house, about 12 feet away from the pole. Ran 4 lines underground to SWM8 on siding.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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